Episode #47: Obsession
In this episode, The Great Lt. Leslie dies. He gets the blood sucked out of him by a gaseous cloud creature.
But you can't keep a good man down. Or dead, for that matter. As you'll see, it's not long before Lt. Leslie is spotted walking the hallways of the Enterprise.
Kirk had encountered the cloud creature a decade earlier. He becomes obsessed with killing it. He calls on Leslie and two others to hunt it down. As Leslie passes Kirk with phaser in hand, it will be the last time he sees his trusted Lieutenant alive.
You'd figure Leslie would have learned something when he pulled guard duty in the Horta episode. Try not to beam down to a planet wearing a red shirt! He's avoided flying parasites, Mugatu's, Klingons, exploding rocks, and a hunk of metal with a  god complex, but sooner or later, your luck runs out.
I know it is tough to watch these scenes. But hey, he dies a hero's death, in the line of duty. We should all be fortunate enough to die in such a painful manner.
Lt. Leslie's pasty white corpse. Looks pretty dead to me.
Soon after, the son of a gun's ghostly doppelganger shows up wandering the hallways of the Big E.
Has he returned from the dead?




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