Episode #48: The Immunity Syndrome
The Enterprise investigates what appears to be a giant amoeba.
News of Lt. Leslie's death have been greatly exaggerated. No stinking cloud creature can kill Leslie!
A giant amoeba? That's another story.
Lt. Leslie and Lt. Kyle hurt their ears when the amoeba gives off a high pitched sound.
The giant single-cell creature has a way of absorbing energy from the Enterprise and its crew. This makes the crew feel listless and faint. In this sequence, Leslie succumbs to the effects of the amoeba and passes out.
The concerned look on Kirk's face says a lot about how valuable Leslie is. How can Jim defeat the humongous gelatin creature without his trusted sidekick Leslie by his side?
Proof that Mr. Leslie is fully recovered from his brush with death: He doesn't hesitate to engage in more bridge diving.
It's a dangerous sport, and it's not something he enters into lightly. Clearly, the man is back.




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