Episode #50: By Any Other Name
Scotty's great love.
Rojan and Kelinda.
The Enterprise is taken over by The Kelvans, a race of beings from the Andromeda galaxy. They use a paralysis field to 'freeze' the crew. You can tell that Lt. Leslie is caught in its grip because he is a little more animated than usual.
Once the Kelvans complete their take-over of the Enterprise, they set course for Andromeda, a journey that will take 300 years.
Since there are limited resources on board, the Kelvans have a device that can reduce human beings into their basic elements in the form of a grayish colored cube.
The shape is actually called a cuboctahedron.
Poor Leslie just can't catch a break. Of all the crap he's been through, this has to be the most humiliating. Rendered into an ashen Rubik's cube that has no solution.
Fortunately, Kirk and Co. get the Kelvans drunk and jealous and are able to regain control of the ship. It is assumed, of course, that the crew is re-assembled.
Lt. Leslie has more lives than a flying Wallenda.
Even as a cuboctahedron, Leslie stands out in a crowd.




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