Episode #51: Return to Tomorrow
This episode is good for 2 things. It's a good chance for spotting Leslie walking the hallways of the Enterprise,
and this is one of the rare times we get to actually see Leslie get ready to beam down to a planet.
The Enterprise has encountered a god-like being named Sargon. They prepare to beam down with Leslie and another guy as security. Unfortunately, Sargon is a little creeped out by redshirts with phasers. Leslie is like WTF??
A concerned Leslie (when is he not?), looks on as Scotty tries to figure out why security wasn't allowed to beam down with the rest of the party.
Leslie does not want the legendary Kirk squashed like a bug on his watch. It wouldn't look good on his resume.
Later on, Leslie walks by the same doorway twice within minutes. He's also changed into his gold tunic. Personally, I think he was acting as a 'lookout' for Kirk, who in the picture at the top right, is up to his usual shenanigans with the ladies. It looks as if McCoy and Chapel are walking in on Captain Horndog at an inopportune moment.
And what would an episode of Star Trek be without Lt. Leslie at his usual engineering post? A damn boring one!




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