Episode #54: The Omega Glory
The Enterprise investigates what happened to the crew of the Starship Exeter. The entire crew was killed by a mysterious disease except Captain Ron Tracey, who is on the planet's surface breaking the prime directive.
Lt. Leslie makes his mandatory appearance on the bridge at his usual station.
After Kirk beats up Captain Tracey, Leslie shows up as security to make sure no one gets out of line. This is the first time we ever see Leslie materialize from the transporter.
Kirk hands Leslie a big sharp knife so he can free Spock and McCoy from their restraints. I'm sure he also gave him permission to cut off a savage's ear if they caused any trouble.
Leslie then leads a beaten Captain Tracey away. You can barely see him over McCoy's shoulder.
It seems whenever there is a mess to clean up, Leslie is there, springing into action at a moment's notice.
Mad scientists, crooked starship captains, who the hell ever!




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