Episode # 55: Assignment: Earth
This episode was intended as a pilot for a spin-off show. The characters seen here, Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln, would have been the main characters. It didn't fly.
There is a shot of Lt. Leslie on the bridge, but we've seen enough of those. He appears in 3 other areas. Four, if you want to get technical. Above on the left, a hallway walking shot in a gold tunic. I think it might be a stock shot from the 1st season. Above right, a rare glimpse of Leslie in Engineering, under the watchful eye of Scotty.
We can see Scotty talking to Kirk on the viewscreen. In the background is Leslie, making his first appearance in the monitors.
I'm glad that Lt. Commander Scott didn't feel the need to peer over Leslie's shoulder.
Gary Seven had a nifty little ball point pen that he carried around with him. It could be used for all sorts of things, like de-activating force fields. As you can see here, he used it to put two redshirts to sleep. I've never seen Leslie so content.
Our trusted Lieutenant has a look of sheepish resignation. He'd love to beam down to Earth and go after Gary Seven, but in his heart, he knows the truth. Yes, he was bested, no shame in that.
He always lives to see another day. That's what really matters, living to tell the tale.

All in all, we see Lt. Leslie in 25 out of 26 episodes. He doesn't speak a word of dialogue or take the Captain's seat, but he does man 4 different bridge positions. His duties weren't as wide ranging as Season 1, but he still is as omnipresent as ever.




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