Episode 59#: The Enterprise Incident
In this episode, Kirk disguises himself as a Romulan to help steal their cloaking device. As a distraction, Spock romanced the Romulan Commander, pictured here.
I've often painted Lt Leslie as this gravely earnest, almost robotic character. He could be that way sometimes. But other times he would show genuine emotion. Like in this scene, where the bridge crew finds out that Captain Kirk is still alive. He was the consumate professional, but was not afraid to show his tender side if the situation called for it. Gosh, I'm getting all misty eyed.
In the past few episodes we've seen some Leslie firsts. Well, here's another one. I've never see him give Kirk something to sign before. Usually a yeoman does it. Those must be some very important documents if Leslie is over-seeing it. Probably something Top Secret from Starfleet!
Some theorize that Kirk is signing Leslie's transfer papers. He would be gone from the Enterprise just 3 episodes later, perhaps that's why Kirk looks so grim.




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