Episode #60: And the Children Shall Lead
Umm, this is Gorgon. He was also Jack Ruby's lawyer.
In this episode, the Enterprise gets taken over by a group of unruly kids who are controlled by Gorgon. Yeah I know, pretty lame.
Lt. Leslie is assigned to guard one of the kids, in this case, Tommy Starnes. Haha, nice clothes dork! Do you play on a gay rugby team or something?
This Tommy Starnes kid is annoying. Leslie should have boxed his ears or something.
When Gorgon first appears on the bridge, Leslie is right there next to him to make sure Gorgon doesn't try any of that funny stuff.
Acting as a conduit for Gorgon Melvin Belli, the Not-So-Friendly Lawyer/Angel gives Tommy strange powers and stuff. Here, he makes Captain Kirk's words come out all garbled.
Normally, Leslie is great at following orders, but here he can't make sense of the gibberish that Kirk is spewing!
Have you ever seen someone so stone-faced? Captain Kirk starts shaking him back and forth and this guy doesn't even bat an eyelash! Leslie must have been one mean poker player.




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