Episode # 62: Is There In Truth No Beauty?
Miranda Jones, she of the cool sensor dress.
Well we've reached the end of the line for our fine Lt. Leslie. This should be his last episode, unless he appears in any stock hallway footage, which I will be on the lookout for.
How ironic is it that one of his last images is of him standing in the background, amongst a cluster of anonymous day players? A sort of returning to his roots, if you will. But none of these unremarkable extras could ever hope to plumb the depths of triumph that our dauntless hero has achieved.
His actual last scene is a fitting send-off, and much more reflective of his invaluble contributions to Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise.
Hearing of an assasination attempt against Ambassador Kollos, Kirk and Co. march toward his quarters, not knowing what to expect. Kirk knows he wants one of his best redshirts with him.
Lt. Leslie is there, by Kirk's side, at the ready. Like always.
I like to think that Lt. Leslie didn't retire, but got a promotion and transferred to another ship. If that were the case, his new Captain was getting a solid officer, someone versed in all aspects of starship operations.
He was someone who would always be there whenever you glanced across your shoulder, always reliable and never interested in glory.
Oh, and he was someone who could always give you that look of concern, whenever the need arose.
You reach Lt. Leslie, you Reach!

But, wait! There's more!




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