Stardate Unknown:
Mission Impossible (2)

Mr. Leslie's next appearance in Mission Impossible is really quite stunning.

In the early days of Mission Impossible, the IM Force was commanded by Dan Briggs...

... a hard drinking, fast loving, super-secret superspy who got the job done despite not having a shoe phone, a catsuit, or even a Golden Gun.

So tough, he played pool in a full suit. He was too cool to take off his jacket.

He even played with two cue balls, just to make it more challenging.

When a top ranking official's daughter is kidnapped by the mob, Briggs does not hesitate to put his A Team into action.

He goes to his folder of available agents...

...And pulls out Mr. Leslie!?!? No way!!!! How cool is that?????

What, Sulu too??? Wait a minute, that'll make the mission too easy!

No. Sulu's turn comes a few episodes later, thank goodness. I don't think any force in the known universe could stand up to the combined abilities of this talented duet. This mission has got to last an hour, you know.

Leslie arrives on the scene, and offers the benefit of his vast expertise to Briggs, Rollin, Cinnamon, Barney, Willie, "and the rest". (Insert Gilligan's Island joke here)

In addition to his vast knowledge of espionage, Leslie brings his infamous stealth abilities to the mission.

If you thought Leslie was good at blending into the background on the Enterprise, where people wore yellow, blue and red, think how much better he is in a world where everyone wears gray suits.

Leslie's talents bring the mission to yet another successful conclusion. Not only his knowledge of espionage, and his ability to blend in. Because an innocent girl is in trouble, and nobody can do that lack of concern like Leslie can.

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