The Comprehensive
Lt. Leslie
Star Trek Archives

by Led4aces
Restored by Graeme Cree
Who is Mr. Leslie you ask? Well that's a difficult question to answer.
He's the guy you always run into but never quite catch his name.
He's the guy lurking over crewmember's shoulders, wondering when his big chance to get in on the action will be.
He's the guy in the background pushing buttons and sliding levers and making you wonder if what he's doing actually has any effect on ship operations.
He's the guy that follows the followers.
Where's Waldo?
I meant where's
Mr. Leslie?
He's quite frankly, as Graeme Cree, in stated, the "Where's Waldo" of Star Trek.* He is everywhere in Star Trek, as long as 'everywhere' is defined as 'somewhere in the background'. Oh, he gets the occasional chance to shine, even gets to speak a line or two, but he was at his best lurking in the grand cosmic shadows of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

*[He's also both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, combined! - GC]

Whether he's getting killed by a blood-sucking cloud creature (and showing up later that same episode, none the worse for wear!), participating in a shipwide mutiny, appearing to do something important, or just showing that look of concern that became his trademark, he is then as he is now,
The Ubiquitous Mr. Leslie
What follows is an account of his illustrious career on the Starship Enterprise, as portrayed by the actor Eddie Paskey. Don't blink or you might miss something!



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