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Capt. Tracy radioed Enterprise bridge, 'I am in command!'

Tracy now held his phaser on Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy.

"I'll talk to Enterprise, if you don't mind, gentlemen." As he used his communicator, Sulu and Lt. Uhura, on the "Big E", asked if Tracy had any information on Captain Kirk.

"I'm afraid I have bad news for you," Exeter's captain replied. "Your landing party has been affected by a disease. In time, they may build up an immunity - as I have; but for now I am in command. I ask you report this to Star Base 14. If the situation on Omega remains hopeless, I'll have to request that you abandon us."

Hearing this, Sulu paused as he recalled his General Orders, and then spoke - "Yes sir, but understand - if we abandon - it will be under protest, sir."


  • This is again very similar to Viewmaster's picture, except that Viewmaster's photographer was very careful to include a good shot of Uhura's 3-D breasts into the picture (obviously trying to branch out into the early teen market). No such shot exists in the aired version; her arm is in the way the whole time, which further suggests that Viewmaster went out of their way to put them in their own picture. Another oddity about Viewmaster's picture is that Uhura is looking down at what looks for all the world to be a script! Otherwise their picture is pretty much the same as this one. The thing next to her right hand that looks like a box of floppy disks is there in both versions.

  • "The Big E" is a name sometimes given to the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise during World War II. It's never used to describe the Starship Enterprise on the show, so its inclusion here just increases the already surreal atmosphere of the Viewmaster version.

  • Doesn't it seem odd that Tracy has to tell the Enterprise about the existence of the disease? Apparently Kirk never bothered to do this previously. Just like the Exeter never bothered to tell Starfleet that they were all dying. It seems that Starfleet officers, unlike E.T., are very bad about phoning home.

  • Starbase 14 is another Viewmaster extra that's never mentioned in the actual show.

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    by Graeme Cree