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Captain Kirk explained the true meaning of the 'Words.'

Woman's "intuition" cannot be explained. Sirah trusted Kirk and Spock, without knowing exactly why. Even the imperturbable Spock was surprised when she handed him a communicator. He radioed Enterprise. His request was heard; and - before you could say "I pledge allegiance" - Sulu and Lt. Uhura were transported from Enterprise into the courtroom. The "super-natural" appearance caused the Meraks to fall on their knees. They had to believe these were gods.

Captain Kirk rose from the floor - where he'd pinned his foe, and spoke to the Meraks. "Get up. I - we - are all men. No man should be a slave. Serve your God in your own way. But remember: 'All men are created equal.' You need the Kohms, and they need you, if you are to survive."

Then - quickly as they came - they left for "Enterprise".


  • ...And I want all my little Kirkamaniacs to be sure to say their prayers, do their training, and take their vitamins!" I guess there was no way to work in anything about doing your homework here.

  • Whoops! Did they remember to take Tracy with them? Last we heard, he'd been pinned. Uh oh...

  • In the televised version, Spock uses one of his patented long-range VMM's (or Vulcan Mind Meld's. See? I'm picking up on this technobabble stuff too!) on the (unnamed) girl to get her to pick up the communicator and send out an emergency signal. Even though Viewmaster introduced Spock as one with great powers of extrasensory perception, they apparently felt that this ending would be too confusing for the kiddies, and so resolved the plot with a burst of woman's intuition. See? All these years you thought that The Omega Glory couldn't get any sillier. How sadly misinformed you were!

  • Viewmaster's picture is an extremely posed looking shot of Kirk and Cloud standing side by side, and staring importantly into the distance, looking for all the world like they're trying to get put on this planet's version of Mount Rushmore. Nothing remotely like it appears in the episode.

  • In the televised episode, it's Sulu and two security guards that beam down (one of them being the ubiquitous Lt. Leslie). Rather than introduce any new characters at this late date, Viewmaster sent down Lt. Uhura as the muscle of the party.

  • Okay, granted Omega Glory is a bad episode, and granted, the only reason it was the one chosen for the Viewmaster is because it was the only one completely written by Gene Roddenberry. But you know something? It works! Given the way Viewmaster treated the subject matter, I can't think of any other second season episode that would have been more appropriate to have done than this one. With the possible exception of Bread and Circuses, the 20th century Rome episode. But no, not even that one. This was the best choice, and they made it.

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