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In the early days of Mystery Science Theater , Joel would play a game in which the bots were required to say a good thing and a bad thing about the movie in order to be rewarded with a RAM chip. That sounds like a good idea, so let's play that game here by saying

Good Things and Bad Things About The Omega Glory

Bad Things About The Omega Glory

The Parallel Earth concept, always a tenuous one, is blown beyond all reasonable proportions in this episode. There are other bad things, but this one and it's fallout are worse than all the others combined.

A computer that's slightly less advanced looking than the Altair 8800

Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a redshirt beam down to a planet. The redshirt dies. How many times have we seen that one?

We see a rather unheroic side of Kirk in this episode...

Kirk and Company beaming heedlessly into danger, only to find themselves stranded on a hostile planet by an alien disease. Seems that we already saw this story in Miri. Not only that. Not ONLY have we seen this story before, but we've got the same guy playing the security guard as in Miri.

A medical notepad that looks like one of those kid's doodle pads you get in toy stores. To erase the text, simply pull up sharply on the plastic wrap page covering. What's next? Using an Etch-a-Sketch as Dr. McCoy's laptop computer?

They didn't have it in the budget to actually show Captain Tracy fighting off 10,000 natives with his phaser, which is a shame, as it would have been incredibly cool. Star Trek's version of The Battle of Rorke's Drift.

The Exeter's Chief Medical Officer had time to make "Dear Diary" entries, but nobody bothered calling Starfleet to warn them what had happened. Nobody even bothered to set the Auto Distress beacon. No, all they did was leave a note for people who had already beamed aboard the Exeter to say "Too late, you're screwed." Well, I guess misery loves company...

Starfleet, with its usual disinterest in missing ships, doesn't notice anything wrong when the Exeter doesn't check in for 6 months. "Do you think they're just mad at us or something?"

Good Things About The Omega Glory

Morgan Woodward turns in a very strong and menacing performance as the heavy.

The scenes aboard the Exeter are extremely spooky and atmospheric.

Shatner is at his Shatnotastic best, hamming it up for all he's worth, but not so much as to be annoying. He's just a lot of fun.

The fight scene is very well choreographed, mostly without the use of stunt doubles.

Kirk maintains his dignity during the fight, despite flashing his undies to the assembled crowd several times.

The episode contains a Miniskirt Faint that rivals the best Miniskirt Faints of the legendary Dark Shadows series.

I just love this shot of the two ships. On a show that had to keep recycling the same special effects shots over and over, any time they have something new, it's a pleasure. (Yeah, I know it's just a combination of two old shots, but it still makes something new.)

Mr. Leslie, the most important redshirt you ever saw (or is it "never saw"), and now the star of his own long overdue webpage, is back from the dead, and leading the rescue party, after having been killed by the vampire cloud in Obsession. While to some, this might seem like a Bad Thing (what about continuity?), the producers had the courage to say "screw continuity", and admit that they just couldn't do without this guy. The fact that he's willing to beam down into a potentially lethal plague situation, no questions asked, so soon after dying, clearly demonstrates his value to the ship, while the strong turn for the worse that the show took immediately after he left, early in the 3rd Season, demonstrates the correctness of the decision to bring him back.

The worst Parallel Earth story in the series is also, thankfully the LAST Parallel Earth story in the series. (And there was much rejoicing!)

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