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     BRIEF HISTORY (down and dirty):  The Dark Shadows Tuesday night sim began under the auspices of the now-defunct Digital Worlds Online in early 1997, moving away to produce their own stories in August, 1997.  I presume that everyone who visits this page already knows all about the sim, and its history, and just wants the stories, and not a lot of fluff.  Maybe I'll add fluff later if there's any demand.  But for now, here they are; the logs of all our stories.  Simply click a link to download a pkzip file of the story you want. Note that some stories are marked as enhanced.

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Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, by SWphips
9/2/97 - 10/14/97, 7 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Normal Time 1918.  Quentin Collins returns from World War I to face the evil Count Petofi. (filename:

Say It Isn't So, by SWphips
10/21/97 - 12/9/97, 7 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time 1795.  What might have happened if Barnabas had preferred Angelique over Josette? (filename:

Christmas at Collinwood, by SWphips
12/16/97 - 1/27/98, 6 parts (enhanced)
     Parallel Time 1990. The Collins family celebrates Christmas and fights off a hostile takeover of their beloved home. (filename:

Glimpses of Glastonbury, by SWphips
2/3/98, 1 part (enhanced)
     Parallel Time 1998. The English branch of the Collins family deals with their own brand of murder and mayhem. (filename:

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, by SWphips
2/10/98, 1 part (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time 1897. The Fall of the House of Usher, Collinwood style. (filename:

Parallel Time 1968, by Vikkie Gee
2/17/98 - 3/31/98, 7 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     A continuation of Say It Isn't So.  Victoria Winters and Josette return from 1795 to face the forces that sent Vicki there. (filename:

The Womb of Darkness, by MagdaRom and ZURC2
4/7/98 - 5/12/98, 6 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time 1678.  Taking place immediately after the series ended, Bramwell, Flora and Julia travel back in time to face Brutus Collins and change history. (filename:

Scooby Doo, Wherefore Art Thou? (aka Scooby Shadows), by GraemeCree
5/26/98 - 6/30/98, 6 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Normal Time 1971.  Mrs. Johnson's nephew Shaggy and his friends visit Collinwood and become embroiled in a mystery. (filename:

A (Sea) View to a Kill, by Sidhe danz
7/14/98 - 8/25/98, 7 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
    Parallel Time.  What might have happened after 1795 if Burke Devlin had returned? (filename:

1970-PT Obsessions, by Vikkie Gee
9/1/98 - 10/20/98, 8 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time 1970.  A continuation of 1968-PT. Nicholas, Jason, and Petofi return to town and the battle rages anew. (filename:

An Exercise in Madness, by Vikkie Gee
10/27/98 - 12/22/98, 9 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time 1966.  Collinwood, inhabited primarily by modern-day versions of the characters from 1841-PT, where much is afoot. Morgan Collins fights for the attentions of his maid over the objections of his living wife Samantha, and his dead wife Laura. Dr. Lang is cooking up trouble in his lab, Quentin is tinkering with his staircase in time, Barnabas Collins prepares to wed, and those meddling kids, Daniel and Amy, cannot stay out of trouble. (filename:

Seaview Too, by Sidhe danz
1/12/99 - 2/9/99, 4 parts (enhanced)
     Parallel Time 1968.  A sequel of sorts to A Seaview To a Kill, but the less said about it, the better. (filename:

West Wing Story, by Kay Lhota
3/14/99, 1 part (enhanced)
     Normal Time 1935.  Based on a casual reference from the show in which Burke Devlin mentioned sneaking into the West Wing of Collinwood as a child and being punished for it. It's Liz Collins' graduation day. Young Roger and Burke enter the West Wing to hide from the festivities and awaken the local ghost population. (filename:

Clue at Collinwood, by GraemeCree
3/23/99, 1 part (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time 1968.  Barnabas Collins has been found dead with a stake through the heart. Was he a vampire, or the innocent victim of a bizarre ritual murder? And is the killer someone at Collinwood? (filename:

Lost in the Dark Shadows of Space, by JAYKIL II
4/11/99, 1 part (enhanced)
     Parallel Time 1971.  Fiddling with Quentin's stairway through time sends Barnabas, Maggie and Stokes hurtling through the galaxy to a strange planet, inhabited by a marooned family, a special guest star, and an environmental control robot. (filename:

Better the Devil You Know, by Kay Lhota
4/18/99 - 6/6/99, 7 parts (enhanced, with patented Hinder-90)
     Normal Time 1971.  Barnabas, Julia, and Stokes have returned from 1840 to find that Wyndcliffe Sanitarium may hold a cure for the suffering of Chris Jennings, if a suspiciously familiar-looking doctor can be trusted. (filename:

A Night at the Blue Whale, by JAYKIL II
7/11/99, 1 part (enhanced)
     Normal Time, late 60's.  While the big guns are away (in Tarrytown making a movie, maybe?), the lesser known characters of Dark Shadows enjoy an evening of quiet frivolity in Collinsport's favourite night spot. (filename:

Passing in the Night, by Oblbobl
7/19/99, 1 part (enhanced)
     Normal Time 1968.  A typical (for Collinsport, that is) evening at the Collinsport Train station sheds a little hitherto unknown light on our hero's motivations. (filename:

Terror at Worthington Hall, by JamisonC97
7/25/99, 1 part (enhanced)
     Parallel Time 1897.  Jamison Collins re-enrolls at Gregory Trask's Worthington Hall School, and finds little changed. (filename:

David's Playroom, by AngelikCol
8/10/99, 1 part (enhanced)
     Parallel Time 1968.  A Cassandra-induced dream causes David Collins to meet the adults of Collinwood as they were when they were children. (filename:

Prelude to a Theme, by PeachKoala & Kay Lhota
8/15/99 - 8/29/99, 2 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Normal Time 1887.  The story of Quentin's first love illustrates how his later personality was shaped. (filename:

Her Name is Victoria..., by Kay Lhota & PeachKoala
9/26/99 - 1/16/2000, 12 parts (enhanced)
     Normal Time 1971.  Barnabas begins to wonder just what really *did* happen to Vicki after he left her in 1796, and in so doing finally uncovers the secret of her origin. (filename:

The Lost Episode, by the DS Sim Cast
2/15/2000, 1 part
     Stardate: Unknown.  An episode that unfortunately became lost as soon as it was completed. Not only the episode itself, but even the title vanished into the ether. All that is remembered is that it was an anniversary show of some sort. Mysterious, but just another of the praeternatural occurrences at Collinwood. (Okay, technically this is not so much a lost episode as a secret one.) (filename: none)

Maggie Evans Remembers, by LesleyGor3
3/12/2000 - 3/19/2000, 2 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time, 1967.  Maggie Evans' recollection of her kidnapping at the hand of Barnabas imperils both of their lives.
[SPECIAL NOTE: The 2nd episode of this story marked our 100th episode]

The Dating Game Comes to Collinsport, by DS Vicki and GraemeCree
7/30/2000, 1 part (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     No time in particular.  Jim Lang's Dating Game comes to town as Reverend Trask and Maggie Evans ask questions of 3 strangely familiar Bachelors and Bachelorettes to choose one for a dream date.
(Dedicated to Michael Stroka, Dark Shadows' real life representative on The Dating Game.)

Carolyn's Wedding, by DS Vicki
8/27 - 9/10/2000, 2 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Normal Time, 1975.  Carolyn prepares to marry Tony Peterson, but the spirit of Jeb Hawkes may have something to say about the matter. (filename:

Naomi and the Pirate, by Kay Lhota
11/7/2000 - 1/30/2001, 6 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Normal Time, 1758.  Naomi journeys to Maine for her marriage to Joshua and meets up with the pirate who gave her those jewels Willie was looking for. (filename:

Park Shadows, by the DS Sim Cast, from an idea by GraemeCree
3/27/2001, 1 part (enhanced log)
     Normal Time, 1974.   Roger and a group of friends from Collinsport come to Boston to visit David at Harvard, find him planning to attend a Red Sox game that day, and decide to go along with him. (filename:

The House on Widow's Hill, by Kay Lhota and DS Vicki from a story by DS Vicki
7/31/2001 - 8/7/2001, 2 parts (enhanced log)
     Parallel Time, 1966.   Phineas Collins dies, and his relatives descend on Collinwood for the reading of the will. (filename:

Fork Shadows, by the DS Sim Cast
8/28/2001, 1 part (au naturale log)
     Normal Time, 1969.   A completely improv sim, performed without script or advance notice or preparation. Barnabas is off in Parallel Time, and Angelique has left town, but even in her absence, the effect of her love spell continues to disrupt something as simple as a quiet dinner at Collinwood. (filename: forkshad.txt)

Curse of Shadows, by NickCollins03
10/28/2001 - 12/02/01, 2 parts (enhanced log)
     Parallel Time, 1995.   Twenty five years after the events that destroyed Quentin and Tracy Collins, David Collins returns to Collinwood to begin a new life. But David is not the only old resident making a return. (filename:

Home for the Holidays, by VEP KAT
12/30/2001, 1 part (enhanced log)
     Parallel Time, 1966.   On one foggy Christmas Eve, the residents of Collinwood, both past and present, pause to enjoy the festivities, and partake of the spirits. (filename:

The Hexagraeme of Change, by DS Vicki and GraemeCree
3/17/2002 - 5/19/2002, 3 parts, (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time, 1680-1995.   A re-enactment of Dark Shadows' greatest scenes. Except that somehow they all seem to end differently than they did on TV. (filename:

The Adventure of the Diabolos' Foot, by GraemeCree (w/apologies to Conan Doyle)
7/7/2002, 1 part (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     Parallel Time, 1841.   A Hexagram of Change Special Report. In the world of Parallel Time, Catherine Harridge Collins is selected by lottery to go into the legendary Locked Room, but her husband Morgan has come up with a way to save her from the horrors therein. (filename:

The Newlywed Game Comes to Collinsport, by DS Vicki and GraemeCree
9/28/2002, 1 part (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     No time in particular.  Bob Eubank's Newlywed Game comes to town as four local couples attempt to gain prizes and retain dignity.

Halloween at Collinwood or Make Room For Trick-or-Treaters, by DS Vicki and GraemeCree
10/27/2002, 1 part (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
     No time in particular.  Two oddly familiar children leave their show to come trick-or-treating on Dark Shadows, and find everyone on their worst behavior.

A Dark Shadows Christmas Carol, by DS Vicki
12/08/2002 - 3/20/2003, 3 parts (enhanced with patented Hinder-90)
      In the world of Parallel Time, in the year 1795, it's Christmas Eve; a time for joyous feasts, caroling, family revelry, and the spirit of giving.  The townspeople of Stokesport, Maine are caught up in the holiday spirit, except for miserly Barnabas Scrooge, who considers Christmas "humbug," until the spirits of his former business partner, Jacob Stokes, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Come pay him a visit...

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