VERSION   1 2 3 4
        26/890316  Y Y Y Y  (Macintosh version)
        30/890322  Y Y Y Y  (Amiga version)
        77/890616  Y Y Y Y  (Apple ][ version)
        83/890706  Y Y Y Y  (IBM version)

          1. While looking for the White Stone (after having already found the Dwarf, Nymph, and Elf Stones), Bergon is wounded in a fight with the Orcs. It is possible to cure him. If however, you leave him to die, then later when you have left the caves and are trapped by the half-sentient trees, the game will give you this line:

"I have seen these trees before," Bergon said darkly, "in the forest, where Minar was stricken by the Nightfang. We must find some other way, for there is no escape for us if we are caught in their grasp!"
-- Torbjorn Andersson

          2. Trying to drop the rope, generates the following message:

Trying to lighten my load, I started to drop the rope on the ground. "Tag!" Praxix called out loudly, startling me. "What on earth are you doing with that rope? Dropping it here, of all places! How do you know we won't be needing such things? Now make yourself useful before I turn you into a toad!"
This message even appears at the end of the game when Praxix has been knocked unconscious! -- Torbjorn Andersson

          3. At the end of the game, if you haven't discovered the proper direction to the Misty Isle when you cast the Wind spell to get there, you will be asked if you really want to cast the spell. If you do, you will get lost. If you don't you will use up one unit of air essence, even though no spell has been cast. -- Torbjorn Andersson

          4. On using the 'wind' spell to successfully get to the Misty Isle, Praxix is struck unconscious. In all versions, if this spell used up the last of the air essence, he will be sure to mention it, while out cold, like so:

... knocked Praxix to the ground, unconscious. "I have no time for parlor magicians," he said mockingly.

Praxix now turned his thoughts to his magical powders, since his last spell had used up all his air. "Let us hope we shall not be needing it," he said, resignedly.

"We know who you are, and we know what you seek," the demon continued, "but you will be needing a lesson in manners."
-- Torbjorn Andersson

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