The Infocom Bugs List

     Revision 4, Serial Number 030828
     (Based on earlier lists by C.E. Forman)

"Last version was better," says Floyd.  "More bugs.  Bugs make game fun."
	-FLOYD's response to the VERSION command in all non-Solid Gold 
	 versions of Planetfall.

During the 1980's, Infocom published 31 all-text and 4 illustrated text adventure games. Though they published other items:   role-playing games, interactive comic books, a Clue-like strategy game and a corporate database, their text games are what they are primarily remembered for today.

Although these games were remarkably well constructed, the occasional programming glitch did creep in here and there, and this list is an attempt to show all known bugs in these 35 games (plus a couple of others). Since many of them were corrected when the game was updated, this list also shows you exactly which versions of each game the bugs do and do not appear in.

Each bug is given a number. At the beginning of each game's description is a chart, showing all known versions of the game, cross-referenced with a column for each bug. The column will show a "Y" if the bug appears in that version, and an "N" if it doesn't appear.

The versions are listed in the format [Release #/Serial #]. For example, 10/880531 is Release 10, Serial Number 880531. The serial number is actually the date that the datafile was compiled. Versions that appear in the IBM version of Lost Treasures of Infocom or The Infocom Masterpieces Collection are preceded with an asterisk. This is usually the most recent version of the game, but not always. Commands that are to be entered into the actual game to produce the bug are shown in all caps and in bold type.

If anyone has any corrections, or comments, you may contact me at at Datafiles that do not appear on this list are of especial interest.

NOTE: Chris Forman's earlier lists originally appeared in several different installments in XYZZY News, an online magazine devoted to text adventures. This list is said to be "upgraded" in the sense that it has had many new bugs added since then, (and because it tells you which versions of the game do and do not have the bug), and "consolidated" in the sense that it's now all available in one place.

Newest Bug:  Nord and Bert #1

Bugs that are new to Version 4 of this List.

A Note on Numbering the List

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