The Lurking Horror

          VERSION   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
       *203/870506  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
        219/870912  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
        221/870918  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

          1. When you encounter the rats in the steam tunnels, try escaping them by climbing on the coaxial cables above you. Eventually the rats will swarm up and start to bite you, making you fall. But if you try letting go of the cables before they do this, you'll get two descriptions of your death -- one saying that you let go of the cables, and the other saying that the rats bit you and made you fall.

          2. If you ask the hacker about the keyring or a single key, the response goes like this:

"I've accumulated a few keys over the years. I'm a licensed locksmith, which helps. I can get into any room at Tech. He pulls the keyring out on its chain, and *shows off a key you hadn't noticed before*."

This happens every time you repeat the question, even if you already do know about the master key.

          3. You are able to go through the login procedure on the PC more than once. If you enter the wrong values while the PC is already up and running, the response goes as usual: "Invalid Login, Login Please". EXAMINE PC on the other hand, shows that the computer still executes its current task.

          4. The behavior of the PC after your returning from the 'stone-scene' isn't consistent. The command EXAMINE SCREEN produces the reasonable reply "There's nothing recognizable on the screen", but EXAMINE PC still answers "On the screen you see a menu box." In addition, the help key doesn't recognize that the PC has crashed and works as before.

          5. When the hacker sits in the plastic chair during the debugging sequence, go south and then return north to the terminal room. The room description says that the hacker is sitting in the plastic chair, while the output from EXAMINE HACKER claims that he is sitting in his own office chair. -- Martin Braun

          6. Go to the Chemistry Building without finding or reading the suicide note. Knock on the door, WAIT and you will be admitted to the Alchemy Lab. Read the sign-up sheet, then WAIT three times and you will remember that the student on the sheet had jumped off the tallest building on campus. Then READ SHEET again, and you will realize that the student was also the author of the suicide note that you haven't seen yet. -- Cable Hicks

          7. The command ASK HACKER ABOUT KEYS will automatically teleport the master key into the hacker's hands no matter where it is, even if you have lost it in a place where it cannot be recovered (for example, if you have dropped it in the pit beside the altar).
          When you first get the key, go south to the second floor and drop it. Then go NORTH, ASK HACKER ABOUT KEYS, SOUTH, LOOK. The key will be gone. Go NORTH again, and ASK HACKER FOR MASTER, and he will give it to you again. This works in any version.

          8. If you leave items lying around, the urchin may pass by, and pick them up (similar to the thief in Zork 1). But any time the urchin is in the room with you, you can take any of your items that he has simply by typing TAKE [item].
         You will not be able to see an item in his possession first, but you can deduce that he has it if you know that it isn't where you left it lying. This only works with items of yours that he has picked up, not with the bolt cutter, or any items mentioned in his description (i.e. parka, hat, shoes). This works in all versions. -- Jeffrey Scott Nuttall

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