VERSION  1
        4/860918  Y
       *9/861022  Y

          1. On a certain turn, Bolitho will always ask if you are the famous young detective, even if he has already told you so on a previous turn, or the same turn! As a result, this odd exchange can be generated:

"You're [your name], the famous young detective. Bolitho coughs diffidently, and asks [your name]? Am I right in assuming that you are the well-known young American detective?

          To be fair though, I discussed this with Stu Gally via e-mail once, and he said that even if they had noticed this that they might very well have left it in deliberately because in an introductory game, it's more important to make sure that the players know who they are, especially if they didn't read the documentation well. -- Graeme Cree

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