Plundered Hearts

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          1. Although the game normally makes you drop Lafond's hat if you try to leave the library with it, you can remove it from the Library by first taking it, and then throwing it out the window. It isn't particularly useful elsewhere, though. Lafond has no interest in it, even if you point it out to him. If you return to the library with it, you will have to go through the same procedure to remove it again. -- Chris D. Lang

          2. THE BEWIGGED MAN: Lafond is present everywhere you go, in a manner of speaking. If you refer to him as "bewigged man" (a synonym suggested to the player in the ballroom dance scene) and not as "Lafond", "man" or anything else, you'll get responses from Lafond whether he is present or not. If you say EXAMINE BEWIGGED MAN, you'll get a description of Lafond. If you speak to him, (i.e. BEWIGGED MAN, TELL ME ABOUT THE RING), you'll generally get the response "He fails to notice you've spoken."
          Attacking the "bewigged man" anywhere except the Ballroom or the Balcony will get you Lafond's, "Consider this a warning, my love," reaction the first time, and will get you killed the second time. If you ATTACK THE BEWIGGED MAN at the Balcony, you'll be told "You can't reach Lafond." If you ATTACK THE BEWIGGED MAN at the Ballroom, you'll get Lafond's humorous reply, about how you shouldn't try to kill him at the ball for fear of what the guests would think.
          Lafond is apparently the only character in the game who has a "double." -- Chris D. Lang

          3. THE FIRE BUG: If you try to burn something you are holding when there is no fire present, you get a double message; one saying that you don't have any fire, and another telling you that you need to drop it first. For example:

You have no source of fire.
You'll have to drop the invitation first.

If you drop the item, and then try again, you get another double message, one saying that there is no fire, and another saying that the item won't burn anyway. Like so:

You have no source of fire.
You can't burn a banknote!

If you try to burn something you're wearing, you are told there is no fire, and then told to remove the item for your own protection. i.e.:

You have no source of fire.
Unless you relish a fiery death, you had better remove the beautiful ball gown.

          If you try to burn anything in a room that DOES have a fire source (for example a torch or fireplace), you'll be told "Ladies do not play with fire." -- Chris D. Lang

          4. Whenever you read the invitation to the ball, you get the message afterwards, that says "A ball! You haven't been to a ball in months!" as though you were just hearing about it for the first time. You can even take the invitation back from the butler and get this same message while you're AT the ball. (This is more of a stylistic error than a bug). -- Graeme Cree

          5. When you enter the Dungeon to rescue Jamison from Crulley, the game output immediately switches to Brief mode. -- Torbjorn Andersson
          NOTE: Torbjorn disassembled the datafile and showed me a page from the code, that showed how Brief mode was called when you entered the room. There may have been some programming reason why this was included, since it seems completely arbritrary otherwise. - GC

          6. THE LOVE BUG: When Jamison is trapped in the manacles, an alternate way of rescuing him is to tell him that you love Lafond, which makes him walk away in disgust. Unfortunately, the game will now be unwinnable, since he never shows up again.
          If you tell him you love Lafond abord the Helena Louise (before you could possibly have met Lafond), he will tell you not to make jokes. If you tell him at the Folly or the Ball, he will walk away in disgust, but will show up later. If you try to tell him just before Crulley shoots him to save him, he will be unable to hear you over the waves. -- Brian Almquist

          7. In the hold of the Helena Louise, you can PUT or THROW HAND THROUGH GAP. If the fuse is still burning, you get the response:  "You throw your hand into the ammunition area. It skids into the darkness, over the burning end of the fuse. The fuse falters, spits and resumes burning." If the fuse is not burning, the message will just read: "You throw your hand into the ammunition area. It skids into the darkness."
          As with similar body part bugs in other games, you will still be able to move and pick up things normally, but will no longer be able to interact with your hand. Trying to LOOK, TOUCH, SMELL, et cetera, your hand will meet with the response, "You can't see any hand here!" -- Michael Cuffaro

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