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         VERSION   1 2 3
         Diskette  Y Y Y
         CD-ROM    Y Y N

          1. If you throw the shot glass, it will shatter, but Boos, a man of infinite patience (not to mention shot glasses), will immediately replace it for you. If you throw it while he's unconscious, he will be unable to replace it, but nevertheless you will still get the message about having politely returned it to him when you leave the room. This works in both versions.-- Graeme Cree

          2. In both versions, leaving the lighthouse with the orb is the event that causes its batteries to run out. If you leave it behind before you visit the Lighthouse Keeper, you won't need to replace the battery. -- Graeme Cree

          3. THE YUMMY BUG: The milk does two things: 1) It cures blindness in the bowman, 2) It prevents (or cures) blindness in your character.
          The easiest way to get through the Whispering Woods is to drink a lot of milk earlier in the game. Three drinks will prevent your character from ever going blind there. However, the thermozz only contains two drinks when it's full, which means that the cow needs to be milked at least two times in order to obtain enough of the white stuff. Also, you will have to give a drink to the blind bowman you will be meeting in the Forest of Spirits. The Yummy Bug provides an eternal supply of milk in only one milking.
          In the floppy-based version:

  1. Milk the cow.
  2. Feed the carrot to the cow.
  3. Take one drink of milk - you will get a message about your vision improving. Do not take a second drink; the bug only works if you take exactly one drink (not two, not zero) at some point before the Blind Bowman encounter.
  4. Give the Thermozz to the Blind Bowman in the Forest of the Spirits.
  5. When you get the Thermozz back - by all rights it should be empty by then - try to take another drink. You will get a second message about your vision improving some more.
  6. Take a third drink - you will be permanently cured.
          What should be an empty thermozz becomes one that never goes dry. Any drink you take after this generates a message of "Yum!" on-screen. That's why we call it the "Yummy Bug." If you're wondering what feeding the carrot to the cow is doing in the sequence, it's because it scores two points - points you would have received the second time you milked Bessie. -- Peter Spear

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