VERSION   BUG
	292/890314  Y  (Macintosh Version)
	295/890321  Y  (Amiga Version)
	311/890510  Y  (Apple ][ Version)
	322/890706  Y  (IBM Version)

          1. In Chapter 6, Voyage to Osaka, after Rodrigues has been swept overboard, there are two things you can do about it. You can either swim after him during the storm, leaving the ship in danger, or you get the ship to safety first, row the skiff to shore, and search for him along the cliffs.
          If you take the second course of action but, when you enter the skiff, type ROW TO RODRIGUES, instead of ROW EAST (to get to shore), you will get the descriptions you would have gotten from the first course of action. You will be told how you are swimming towards him (even though you are rowing), and he will criticize you for leaving the ship in danger (even though it isn't). You will be unable to rescue him, and the other samurai in the skiff with you will be no help.
          The problem is caused by the fact that Rodrigues is not moved to the cliff area until after the player goes ashore, and so the Implementors did not count on the player being able to reach him in the skiff. It could have been fixed by moving Rodrigues to the cliffs as soon as the ship reached the bay, and adding messages about being unable to row to him. -- Alan Franzman

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