VERSION   1 2 3 4 5 6
        15/820901  Y Y Y Y Y Y
       *17/821021  N N Y Y Y Y

          1. In version 15, you are able to get the red rod from the rat's nest by typing NEST, DROP RED ROD. -- New Zork Times

          2. In version 15, you can turn off the beam of energy in the Laboratory by typing BEAM, GO WEST, generating the reply "The beam leaves the room." -- Graeme Cree

          3. In versions 15 and 17, you can put the red disk on the blue disk, then put the blue disk on the red disk. This causes them both to disappear, along with anything else that was on either of them. Similar bugs appear in early versions of a few other games (such as Zork I and Infidel) that have items acting as containers.

          4. Climbing the tree and typing THROW HANDS results in, "The pair of hands sails away, drifting in a long arc towards the ground."

          5. The bunk on the Starcross is not openable, yet if you try to PUT THE TAPE LIBRARY IN THE BUNK, you will get the response "The bunk isn't open." -- Graeme Cree

          6. Here's an odd case where a bug got worse instead of better in later versions. In Version 17, if you ENTER VIEWPORT on the bridge of the Starcross, and drop an item, then it is gone forever. However, in the older Version 15, the item is only gone forever, if you leave the viewport after dropping it, and then return. If you drop it and then try to pick it up again without leaving, you will be able to. -- Graeme Cree

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