The Witness

         VERSION   1 2 3 4 5
        13/830524  Y Y Y Y Y
        18/830910  N N Y Y Y
        20/831119  N N Y Y Y
        21/831208  N N Y Y Y
       *22/840924  N N Y Y Y

          1. In Version 13, a player can become trapped in the shower or broken window by typing GET IN WINDOW or GET IN SHOWER (ENTERing the tub or shower will not work). If you try to leave, the game will think you are sitting in the chair and tell you that you need to stand up first. However, if you try this you will be told that you are already standing up.           In later versions, GET IN [shower or window] produces the same failure message as ENTER [shower or window]. -- New Zork Times

          2. In Version 13, you can GET IN CLOCK, but you will be unable to get out of it again. Furthermore, almost every command you give from then on, will respond "You can't see any clock here!", including QUIT, RESTORE, and RESTART. -- Mike Cuffaro

          3. You can GET A DRINK anywhere in the game. This is present in all versions. -- New Zork Times

          4. THE PHREAKY PHONG BUG, or THERE'S A PHONG US AMONG US: Any time after Phong goes to his room (about 11:45), if you drop the mystery book you will get the message, "Phong picks up the book and starts to read," even if he isn't in the room with you.
          If he is in the room, you get the same message. Anytime you drop the book in his room in his presence, he will pick it up and read, but he will let you take it back from him without argument. What an agreeable fellow. -- Laurie M.

          5. THE GUN BUG:   If you open the clock and put the hidden handgun back inside (after retrieving it from Monica), you will be unable to interact with it for the rest of the game.   If you LOOK IN CLOCK, you will see it, but if you try to take it or interact with it in any other way, you will be told that you cannot see it. -- Edan Harel

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