Zork 0

          VERSION   1 2 3
        296/881019  N Y Y (Macintosh Version)
        366/890323  N Y Y (Amiga Version)
        383/890602  Y Y Y (Apple ][ Version)
       *393/890714  Y Y Y (IBM Version)

          1. In the IBM and Apple ][ versions there is a slight bug, based on the fact that Y and YES are synonymous that allows you to get credit for incorrectly answering a riddle.
          When you try to TAKE THE KEY in the Solar, the Jester will ask the following:   "You can find me at the beginning of youth, in the center of every eye, and at the end of eternity.   What am I?"
          The answer is Y, but if you say YES, you will get the key all the same, since the game thinks that Y and YES are the same thing.   Note that you must say only YES.   Variations, such as ANSWER YES, ANSWER "YES", and the like will not work.
          In the Macintosh and Amiga versions, saying YES draws the response "You sound rather positive," and you do not get the key. -- Brock Kevin Nambo

          2. After you put John Paul Flathead's spyglass in the cauldron of Megaboz, you can go back to the Frigid River Valley and ask Otto for it again, and put it in the cauldron repeatedly. You can't get infinite points this way, because you can never put more than 24 Flathead items into the cauldron. Trying to put in a 25th, gives you the message: "As though there were now an invisible bubble around the cauldron, the [item] slides away from it and lands on the floor." Putting in ANY 24 Flathead items, even 24 spyglasses will let you say the magic word and activate the curse, so technically, this is the only item you need to win the game. There is no way to get two spyglasses at the same time this way, as getting a second spyglass will make the first one disappear.

          3. Any chess piece on the plain can be duplicated by use of the teleportation pigeon and the perch. Take the perch and pigeon, and wear the cloak to get to the plain. Drop the pigeon in an empty square, then go to a square with a piece, and order the piece into the square where the pigeon is. The piece will leave, pick up the perch, and then rematerialize in your square. However, if you go to the square where the pigeon is, an exact duplicate of the piece will still be there, holding the pigeon. -- Admiral Jota

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