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Nicholas sternly told Angelique to stop seeing Barnabas.
Nicholas sternly told Angelique to stop seeing Barnabas.

SLIDE 5 (From Episode 607; Broadcast 10/22/1968)

Confronting Angelique, Nicholas told her bluntly, "You will have to stop seeing Barnabas - at once!"

"Stop seeing him!" she retorted. "But I need him! You know that."

"Of course I know it. But I also know - and so will you if you try to recall - what Eric Lang's tape recorder message was." Her face told him that she remembered. "Well, what he said was true. Just now I found fang marks on Adam - because of what you did to Barnabas. I forbid you to hurt Adam again, so you must find another to meet your - your needs. When nightfall comes again, summon Joe Haskell - not Barnabas.

She sneered. "So you can have Joe's precious Maggie Evans for yourself. You -" He glared her to silence.


  • Eric Lang's tape recorder message is a meaningless reference to a back story that has been completely expunged from the VV anyway. It's especially meaningless, since they just reference its existence without actually telling us anything about what it said, and assure us that it somehow explains the things they aren't telling us. Well, that's a relief to know that this all makes sense somewhere. Just wish it was here.

  • In actuality, Lang's message had nothing to do with Adam acquiring bite marks if Barnabas should ever be attacked by a sexy lady vampire. Instead, it explained how Barnabas would be free of the vampire curse himself as long as Adam lived, but be totally screwed if Adam should die. Since Viewmaster is holding back from us the fact that Barnabas ever was a vampire, the message is doubly meaningless here.

  • Lessee, why exactly does Nicholas want Adam alive again? The Introduction made reference to his having "great and terrible plans" for him, but they haven't told us anything more yet. Don't hold your breath, they aren't going to. In fact, Adam's role here is about done.

  • Joe? Maggie? Who are these people? Why, new people with new unexplained back stories, of course. Well, we've already not explained Adam, now we've got lots more people to not explain. Hang onto your hats...

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    by Graeme Cree and Linda Keats