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Angelique had been summoned to Balberith in Netherworld.

SLIDE 17 (From Episode 628; Broadcast 11/20/1968)

The evil miasma of the Netherworld curled around the golden head of Angelique and the hooded figure spoke in awesome tones: "My faithless servant Nicholas has become enamored of a mortal female named Maggie, while you, Angelique, have defied him. You shall be rewarded - and he shall suffer a dreadful punishment!"

He paused while the screams of the damned swelled up and then receded. Then he went on: "As your reward, Angelique, I will remove the curse I put upon you - and you shall return to human form!"


  • You can't see it well in this particular shot, but if you watch the show, you'll see that the Devil has a really crummy office, a cheap desk, and steam pipes that are always leaking.

  • Why they made him look like a Jawa from Star Wars, I'm still not sure.

  • He paused while the screams of the damned swelled up and then receded. Then he went on: -- LOLOLOL... "Hey, hold it down in there, you guys, I'm trying to hold a staff meeting!" Yeah, that's another thing I forgot to mention; his office isn't soundproofed either.

  • In the show, Angelique snitched to Diabolos Balberith about Nicholas' love life. In keeping with Viewmaster's policy of having everyone just figure out the plot magically, this detail was changed, even though it lessened the reason for her being there in the first place. The sacrifices Viewmaster makes for their principles...

  • Why did Balberith curse Angelique in the first place? Beats me. In the show, Nicholas did. Viewmaster has changed the old story without bothering to put a new one in its place.

  • Similarly, in the show, Angelique is rewarded for snitching on Nick. Since she didn't snitch in this version, but just helped screw up the plan for Adam (which Balberith had already signed off on), the reason for rewarding her becomes as murky as the evil miasma of the Netherworld (whatever that is). Probably Balberith couldn't figure it out either and just didn't want to admit it.

  • Okay, I couldn't stand it, so I looked it up:
    1. miasma:   an unwholesome atmosphere
    2. miasma:   unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources
    Whaddya know about that? It works both ways! So, there are some educational bits in these Viewmaster packs after all.

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    by Graeme Cree and Linda Keats