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Prince of Dark drove hard bargain with Nicholas.

SLIDE 21 (From Episode 629; Broadcast 11/21/1968)

Nicholas' hour had come. He stood before Balberith in Limbo, pleading for one more chance. If the experiment worked he could go on serving his master in the human world - and have Maggie besides.

His proposal met with cosmic scorn. "I give no second chance, Nicholas, as you did with Angelique. No - you will return here - for eternity. But if the experiment is successful you may bring the woman with you."

"Bring her! But that means she must die!"

"Of course. On the Black Altar!" The fiend's laughter rose, filling the vast corridors of Limbo. "Go, Nicholas - go back to earth - and prepare your wedding plans!"

Roiling masses of fog billowed about the towers of Collinwood as Nicholas returned, creating, even by day - dark shadows.


  • Okay, so Nicholas is in deep doo-doo now. Eve died, while he was wasting valuable time on slides about Vicki and Peter Bradford, and Liz's stupid buried alive fear, and other subplots that went absolutely nowhere.

  • "Bring her! But that means she must die!" -- Nicholas doesn't seem too happy about this. He even seems a bit peeved at Balberith, actually. This raises an interesting question. Where do you tell someone to go when they're already in Hell? Cleveland, maybe?

  • "Go, Nicholas - go back to earth - and prepare your wedding plans!" -- "Well, we were thinking of a full church wedding, sir... no offense!!"

  • His proposal met with cosmic scorn. -- That's a great line, isn't it? You may have gotten pretty P.O.'ed at people, but have you ever given them cosmic scorn? Try it sometime.

  • Roiling masses of fog... -- Yes, "roiling" is actually a real word. "Roil:  to make turbid by stirring up the sediment or dregs of." I'd never heard it before. And you thought I was kidding when I said this booklet was tougher to suss than some of the assignments we got in school?

  • Some things that work in print wouldn't really work onscreen, and Nicholas coming to Collinwood surrounded by a roiling cloud around him is definitely one of them. He'd have looked like Pigpen would have looked if they'd ever done a live-action Peanuts movie.

  • ...billowed about the towers of Collinwood as Nicholas returned, creating, even by day - dark shadows. -- Yeah, this is the end of the book. Were you wondering what happened to Nicholas or Maggie, or Adam, or Barnabas or even Harry Johnson? Well, tough. Viewmaster stopped 7 episodes before the end of the story. By the time the Viewmaster came out, they were already well into the next storyline, and almost never referred back to this one again. There were no soap opera mags then, and certainly no Internet, so no easy way to find out how everything had come out except by asking around. If Viewmaster reproduces the feeling of tuning into the middle of a soap opera you've never seen, then the "end" here represents the feeling of frustration after watching a few episodes, not making heads or tails of it, and switching over to I Dream of Jeannie reruns or something. The big difference is that if you really watched 24 episodes of a soap opera, you'd be starting to have a pretty good idea what was going on by that time, whereas, you'd still have almost no idea just from reading this booklet. Moral of the Story: If you want to find out what's happening on Dark Shadows, pick up a few re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel. Or study the guide to this storyline at Or download some episode summaries. Or go buy the DVD's. Or...

    • Wrap Up:  Characters who appeared in this package
      • Barnabas Collins
      • Roger Collins
      • Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
      • Angelique Collins
      • Nicholas Blair
      • Diabolos
      • Dr. Julia Hoffman
      • Joe Haskell
      • Victoria Winters
      • Maggie Evans
      • Timothy Eliot Stokes
      • Peter Bradford/Jeff Clark
      • Harry Johnson
      • Mrs. Johnson
      • Adam
      • Eve/Danielle Roget

    • Characters who appeared in Episodes 605 - 629, but who did NOT make it into the Viewmaster Package. See how lucky you are? You could have ended up not understanding all these guys too.
      • Carolyn Collins Stoddard
      • David Collins
      • Amy Jennings
      • Chris Jennings
      • Tom Jennings
      • Willie Loomis
      • Sheriff Patterson
      • Mr. Wells
      • Nurse Pritchett
      • Nurse
      • Prescott the Jailor
      • Joshua Collins
      • Ben Stokes

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    by Graeme Cree and Linda Keats