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Still mesmerized into the past, Eve was rejected by Peter.

SLIDE 10 (From Episode 610; Broadcast 10/25/1968)

Such was the force of Nicholas' mesmeric power, that, for a time, Eve lost all awareness of the present, and returned completely to her previous existence in colonial Collinsport, near the end of the 18th Century. Reliving her tragic confrontation with Peter Bradford, she cried out again and again under the merciless lash of his anger at her slaying of Philip, who had tried to come between them. In the end Peter had rejected her utterly with the cruel words: "Get out of my life and never return!"

But now Peter himself had returned! Watching her with fascinated eyes Nicholas saw her suddenly snap out of the trance, tears streaming from her eyes, murmuring, "The man I saw tonight is Peter Bradford - and I love him!"


  • In the actual show, Nicholas used a magic amulet to send her back in time. Thinking that this was too complicated to explain (!?) Viewmaster came up with this bit about going back in time through the power of Nick's mesmeric stare.

  • Okay, so if Eve's powers of witchcraft were what brought Peter to the present, how come she's so completely surprised by it? They were doing better when they weren't explaining anything!

  • Isn't Peter a rube? Even though he was furious at her for killing "Philip", he took the rap for it anyway. Even if they didn't want to go into the whole Vicki/Peter dynamic from the show, couldn't they just have said that he somehow got blamed for it without coming up with this convoluted explanation of why it happened? I'd have bought that. Doesn't Peter look like the kind of guy who'd get blamed for a murder he didn't commit, anyway?

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    by Graeme Cree and Linda Keats