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Eve encountered reincarnation of dead lover - Peter Bradford.

SLIDE 8 (From Episode 609 - 610; Broadcast 10/24 - 10/25/1968)

As fate would have it, the next evening was the time the mystery woman, Eve, chose to leave Adam's room for the first time, in defiance of Nicholas' orders, and on the terrace to encounter Jeff Clark.

Recognition dawned slowly then ecstatically. "Peter!" she cried out, "Peter Bradford!"

Bewildered, he denied the name, but she insisted. "But you are Peter! My Peter Bradford - but - but I saw you die! Long - long ago -" A sob broke from her and she ran from the terrace.


  • The heck? Just as things were starting to make a little bit of sense, the story goes off in a totally different direction. Why should we care that one guy that we don't know used to have a different name that we also don't know?

  • Doesn't Jeff/Peter's expression just say it all? He looks like he just finished reading this booklet. Or maybe he's looking for the hidden camera, as most people would do if accosted by a strange woman in a low-cut gown claiming that she'd seen them die long ago.

  • If this is the first time Eve ever left Adam's room, then how come she wasn't there in Slide 4? Huh? Huh?? In fact, no such order was ever given in the show, it's just another attempt to pump in artificial tension.

  • Don't bother asking who Jeff is or what he was doing on the terrace. There are answers to those questions, but they involve plot elements that have been cut out. Just assume that he was waiting for a bus.

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    by Graeme Cree and Linda Keats