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Starship Enterprise crew sighted object on course.

Starship U.S.S. Enterprise, on patrol in System 5-419, entered standard orbit around the planet Omega. The flight had been "routine" for the ship's 430-man crew. Their captain, James Kirk, and Lt. Uhura monitored "Omega" on an MVS - or main viewing screen. A normal approach, Kirk relaxed in a chair much as he might at home. Environment Control maintained earth's atmosphere and gravity aboard ship.

First Officer Spock and Lt. Sulu, the ship's navigator scanned instruments on their command action panels.

"Object ahead, sir!" Sulu reported. "Another vessel."

Captain Kirk's "overtake and intercept" order was quickly followed by an all-hands "yellow alert." On-board computers selected a course parallel to that of the unidentified craft. Her anti-matter propulsion engines drove Enterprise closer to a rendezvous.


  • The original Viewmaster picture was simply a head on shot of Kirk with Uhura directly behind him. A good way to show that this was 3-D, huh?

  • People always accused the real Trek of having too much technobabble. But the actual show never went so far as to come up with a (silly) acronym for the viewing screen. It is however reminiscent of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which made up not one, but TWO acronyms for Geordi's V.I.S.O.R.

  • If you need some good Trek acronyms, this place is the site to check out. I shudder to think what Viewmaster would have produced if they'd had access to a reference like this. We'd have to call the F.B.I. P.D.Q., Y.K.W.I.M. (acronym for "You know what I mean?")?

  • Command Action Panels? Where's that come from? That's almost as bad, though at least there's no acronym this time (though there easily could have been).

  • Why "Yellow Alert" needs to be put in quotes, I can't imagine. Or "routine". But you'll find quite a lot of things in this booklet are "treated" that way.

  • System 5-419 is apparently something made up out of the blue. No such designation is given in the show. There, it's simply the Omega system.

  • I love the way that the Big E's vaunted center seat is referred to as "a chair". A chair? A chair? Was Archie Bunker's chair just "a" chair? Did Henry VIII rule England from "a chair"? Here's the one time Viewmaster might have been justified in coming up with something grandiose, and they dropped the ball. "A chair", my fanny! (no pun intended). Somebody at Viewmaster should have been on the hotseat for this.

  • Almost as funny as "a chair" is the fact that he "relaxed" in it "much as he might at home". Hmmm, sitting in a chair, staring at a big screen TV all day... Yeah, I see what they mean. They got it right this time.

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