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Taking document, Kirk finished 'High Worship words.'

Captain James Kirk finished it: "- and to the country [sic] for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Cloud Williams stared at Kirk. "You know much of our language. Where does your tribe come from?"

Cloud William could not understand; but the aged Merak scholar at his side observed that, since both commanders were from far-off tribes, a simple rule from the "Sacred Book" should be applied: "Good is stronger than evil."

"It shall be," Cloud William ordered. "This Kirk - this Tracy will fight to the death. Good will be the victor."


  • The Viewmaster Picture is similar to this one, but Kirk has the Constitution up higher, making it look almost like he's standing at a podium. I'm getting a bit tired of not being able to find pics that are close enough to the Viewmaster Versions, so to make up for it a bit, I've selected one here that has a silly expression on Kirk's face. He looks like he's in the middle of a joke. "Okay, a monk, a clone, and a Klingon walk into this bar, see..."

  • Hmph. "And to the country for which it stands." They can't even wave the flag right!

  • These Meraks are a pretty open-minded (at both ends) people. Most people would just assume that the evil one was the one who had "phased out" several thousand of their best warriors, rather than the one who had never given them any trouble. Not these guys, they're completely in the dark without this fight to the death to help them decide. Maybe they should have bought a vowel? Of course Viewmaster can't be blamed for this one, it's in the televised episode too.

  • Considering that these Meraks lost a major war to the evil Kohms, their willingness to trust the Good Guy to automatically beat the Bad Guy in single combat is touchingly naive. Again, not Viewmaster's problem, they just carried that over. Although the televised version makes their doubt seem a bit more plausible, by letting Tracy sow a lot of dissent by pointing out things like Spock's lack of a normal heartbeat. "He's not one of us, he's some kind of green-blooded, pointy-eared freak!" (Amazingly, Dr. McCoy did not jump in at that point to offer his agreement.)

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    by Graeme Cree