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Cloud began a garbled version of 'Pledge of Allegiance.'

The huge, white savage advanced toward his captives. "I am called Cloud William," he stated in a flat tone.

"James Kirk," the star fleet commander replied, and introduced the others in his party. The Men's House had many of the trappings of a court room. Other Meraks faced the prisoners from a sort of "jury box." They were on trial!

An honor guard brought in the Merak flag - a faded, torn and tattered red-white-and-blue "Old Glory"! There could be little doubt, now, that Enterprise had stumbled into a parallel world - an earth-twin. Cloud William rose to repeat the Merak "pledge of allegiance":

"Ay pledgli iancetu flaggen-"


  • The Viewmaster picture is very much like this one, though taken from several feet to the left.

  • Don't you love how nonchalantly they tell us this latest development? Oh yeah, an American flag! Obviously we've stumbled into a parallel world. Happens all the time. One of those Earth twins. Hodgkins Law of Parallel Planetary Development, and all that. "There could be little doubt now. The viewers were tuning out in droves."

  • You have to wonder how this episode plays in other countries. Do they like it because it portrays a world where America lost World War III? Or hate it because the Americans come back and win in the end? Or just ignore it like everybody else because it's all too incredibly stupid to bother with?

  • At this point we start realizing how much better this story would have worked as a Genesis II episode than as a Star Trek one.
             Genesis II, for those who don't know is a failed 1973 Gene Roddenberry pilot involving a group similar to Kirk and Company except that they travel to trouble areas in a subway instead of a starship (No, I am NOT making this up). The series, if made, would have involved traveling to lots of "civilizations" (really, pockets of Holocaust survivors) based on mixtures of elements of various Earth-based civilizations. Omega Glory might not have been a great story even on Genesis II, but at least in that show, coming across an American flag and the pledge of Allegiance would have made some kind of sense.

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    by Graeme Cree