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Exeter's Capt. Tracy said all were exposed to deadly virus.

Jim Kirk greeted his fellow commander, and was told he could never leave Omega! Exeter's crew had all perished! Just Tracy lived - and he, only because he remained on Omega. Tracy recommended that the Enterprise party join him in search of an antidote for the killer virus. Capt. Kirk had no choice. His crew, aboard Enterprise, was safe from the disease, if he did not return to that vessel. Until a cause and cure were discovered, they would stay.


  • Another picture that's virtually identical to the one used by Viewmaster.

  • Got that? He survived because there's some kind of natural immunizing agent here, that maybe Dr. McCoy can isolate, but which definitely helps us even if he can't, et cetera. We're telling you this just in case some of you were wondering if Ground Zero on a plague planet is really the safest place to be. We wanted you to know that we thought of that, and, even though we don't have an explanation, we're sure that it really is safe. I mean, we wouldn't want you thinking that maybe the disease simply doesn't affect the natives, and that maybe Tracy alone among the outworlders, has some kind of immunity, because he had Black Death as a child, or something like that. "No, no, just take my word for it, you're safe if you stay here. I have that straight from the writer himself."

  • The "killer virus". Gotta love it.

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