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Merak girl, Sirah watched the deadly fight.

The savage stalked Kirk as he circled the "cage". And the female of the species waited a chance to aid her mate. With a rush, the "Merak" grabbed Kirk, choking him; but Jim utilized his hand-to-hand combat training to break his hold. Spock's FSNP (famous Spock neck pinch) had immobilized the girl. This was enough to stop the male. He couldn't understand what had happened.

Spock spoke with a detachment possible only in a native of Vulcan - "There are two races here. One Asiatic in character, the other like Earth's Western races."

Kirk was annoyed by his First Officer's academic observation. "Which of them, if either, are on the side of freedom?" Mention of the word "freedom" stirred the savage to talk for the first time. "Freedohm is a worship word," he said. "God gave such words to the Meraks."

Mr. Spock had been working on the bars in the window of his cell. Kirk turned his attention to the same pursuit.


  • The Viewmaster shot is similar to this, but taken from a few feet further back. Far enough away to see the whole bodies of both combatants.

  • Why are "cage" and "Meraks" in quotation marks? Well, why not?

  • Spock's FSNP is probably the single funniest moment in the whole Viewmaster package. You can't take acronyms to a more absurd level than this. And yet, amazingly, nobody calls it that any more. They call it the Vulcan Neck Pinch, and the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, and sometimes (erroneously) the Vulcan Death Grip. But nobody calls it the FSNP. And if they do, nobody knows what they mean. What's the matter with these people? Don't they know that technobabble is cool?? And what's cooler than having technobabble even for Spock's nerve pinch? Even the show didn't think of doing that! So, for anyone reading this page, I say keep the FSNP alive, and use this term whenever you can. (It's just a shame that Viewmaster didn't come up with a Star Trek Oath of Allegiance while they were at it.)

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    by Graeme Cree