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Tracy appeared and 'phased' down Mister Spock.

Spock scratched at the door. His ploy worked! One by one the guards left the lab to investigate and were swiftly dispatched by Mr. Spock. Kirk found Dr. McCoy at work.

"Well, doctor, what can you tell us?" he asked.

McCoy replied, "There is no immunizing agent! Apparently the survivors of Omega's wars have lived only because they had superior resistance - antibodies in their blood - it inhibits all infection. Sad - if Exeter's crew had stayed a few more hours, they wouldn't have died."

"Are you saying we're free to leave?" Kirk was dubious.

"Yes, Jim - that is true," the doctor reassured him.

Meanwhile, during the above conversation, Spock had busied himself in the repair of some radio equipment.

"Captain, I can signal Enterprise!" he claimed.

At that instant, a battered and bleeding Capt. Tracy entered the lab. He issued an "I'll do the talking" warning and aimed his weapon at Mr. Spock. The phaser beam grazed the First Officer, but destroyed the radio.


  • The Viewmaster picture is a really impressive full-body shot of Tracy standing menacingly in the doorway, with Kirk next to him and McCoy kneeling in the foreground (3-D, remember?).

  • "He issued an "I'll do the talking" warning." You've got to love the way this Viewmaster guy turns a phrase. He could easily have gotten a job writing Tom Swift novels.

  • In the actual episode, they could only afford one guard for Spock to FSNP. In the Viewmaster, they were able to go whole hog and let him FSNP a whole squad of them (notice how I keep working the FSNP term into the conversation, and how cool it sounds?) Unfortunately, it just makes the episode seem stupider, since a whole string of guards keep falling for the same trick instead of figuring "Hey, wait a minute. People go out and they don't come back. Maybe something is wrong here."

  • The Viewmaster unfortunately omits Tracy's super-cool description of the Yang human wave attacks that he beat off virtually single-handedly, at the cost of draining 4 phasers.

  • In the simplified way Viewmaster tells the story, in fighting off the disease, Kirk, Spock and McCoy have now acquired antibodies in their blood that will prevent all disease from now on. All disease, mind you. Kirk, Spock and McCoy will never get the sniffles again! Hooray!

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    by Graeme Cree