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Capt. Tracy and warring 'Kohms' took phasers and communicators.

Spock had found the Truth! "Captain Tracy has control of this village. He's organized and trained an army. The Kohms will wipe out the Meraks in another 24 hours."

Kirk, realizing he'd been reduced to one option, took his communicator in hand, to radio Enterprise. As he did, Tracy barked from the laboratory doorway. "Drop the Communicator, Jim."

Lt. Raintree, who was positioned to one side, made a move for his phaser (a sort of laser gun). Tracy phased faster. Raintree was gone!! "Phased out" is the word.


  • This picture is very similar to the one made by Viewmaster, except that theirs was taken after Kirk had been hit and was lying on the floor. Since the episode doesn't contain a long shot taken after this point, I pulled one from a few seconds earlier.

  • The bit about "Tracy phased faster.", and "Raintree was gone!! "Phased out" is the word." is one of the most unintentionally hilarious bits in the entire booklet.

  • Despite this little setback, Lt. Galloway returns for the final episode of the series, Turnabout Intruder, with no explanation of how he returned from the dead. Thanks to Viewmaster, the mystery is finally solved. It wasn't Galloway that got blasted, it was his identical twin stranger, Raintree.

  • Another embellishment to the story is the statement that a phaser is "a sort of laser gun". Viewmaster probably didn't feel that they were taking much liberty here. After all, they both end in "-aser", what more do you want? And indeed, they are pretty similar, the big difference being that a phaser printer can be set to stun and a laser printer can't.

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    by Graeme Cree